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Meet the Staff of Findlay North Volkswagen

  • Dealership Contacts (888) 440-0955
    • James Cobbs Photo
      James Cobbs
      General Mgr/Partner
      Phone : 982-4800
    • General Sales Manager
      Phone : 702-982-4803
      Jeff Nabel
      General Sales Manager
      Phone : 702-982-4803

      Born and raised in New York, Attended College of Emporia, two adult sons and two adult daughters of which I am very proud of. Came to Las Vegas from Southern California to help my twin brother and found a new home in a wonderful city. A forty year veteran, former Ford dealer, invited N.A.D.A. speaker among many speaking engagements in an industry of which I have a great passion for. Five year Chairperson for the Capistrano school district and senior award presenter. Hobbies include flying and a thirty year background in Tae Kwon Do, competed for close to twenty years, taught for about ten years and retired from the arts in 2002. Late night T.V. host of The Nevada Pulse with the honor of having many great Las Vegas headliners as guest, canceled in 2008. Joined the Findlay Automotive group and am proudly serving as General Sales Manager at Findlay North Volkswagen. A wonderful organization where two friends always make a deal and that is what makes Findlay North Volkswagen stand out from the competition. The number one Google rated Volkswagen dealer in Nevada.

  • Sales (888) 440-0955
    • Gabriel Tellez Photo
      Gabriel Tellez
      Sales Manager
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Karl  Roberts Photo
      Karl  Roberts
      Finance Mgr
      Phone : 702-982-4812
      Fax: 702-982-4814
    • Finance Mgr
      Phone : 982-4800
      James Williams
      Finance Mgr
      Phone : 982-4800

      My name is James Williams and I was born in St. Louis, MO. Moved to Las Vegas, NV. To go on to graduate from Clark High School 1987. I went on to attend Dixie College in St. George, UT. And graduate in 1989. From there I moved back to St. Louis where I met my wife of 21 years and had 1 baby girl. I bought a restaurant 3j's Chicken & Waffles and a barbershop that I ran for 8 years before deciding to move back to Las Vegas to go to work at South Point hotel and Casino as a dealer. Too far of a drive so I worked at the Texas Station where I became Pit boss and Starred in Station Casino 'WE LOVE LOCALS' commercials. Always working hard I decided to take on 2 full time jobs so I started working Texas Station and floor supervisor at Golden Nugget. Sales has always been apart of me so I came to Findlay North Volkswagen in October 2013 and it has been great Life is good GOD is better. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN A PART OF MY JOURNEY AND HAVE SUPPORTED ME THROUGH MY MANY CAREERS.

    • Inventory Manager
      Phone : 982-4817
      Julius Levitch
      Inventory Manager
      Phone : 982-4817

      Julius D Levitch, Married to my wife Deborah Levitch for 40 years and have two beautiful daughter Ashlee and Breean who both live in LA, Ca. Ihave lived in Las Vegas for 5 years and worked for the Findlay Automotive group the entry time. Findlay Acura and Findlay North Volkswagen. I have been in the automobile industry for 42 years.

    • Thomas Hill Photo
      Thomas Hill
      Certified VW Sales
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Stacy  Triana Photo
      Stacy  Triana
      Internet Manager
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Pam Russell Photo
      Pam Russell
      Business Manager
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Melisa Smith Photo
      Melisa Smith
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Kiera Burk Photo
      Kiera Burk
      Account Payable
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Peggy Meador Photo
      Peggy Meador
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Porsha Wesley Photo
      Porsha Wesley
      Phone : 982-4800
    • Jesus Anaya Photo
      Jesus Anaya
      Lot Tech
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