373-mile Volkswagen I.D. at Paris Motor Show 2016

Volkswagen I.D. could be autonomous in 2025

373-mile Volkswagen I.D. at Paris Motor Show 2016

The 2016 Paris Motor Show is well underway, which means there’s plenty of things to catch our eyes. We haven’t seen a major auto show for a while, and it’s been months since Volkswagen has unveiled anything as exciting as the Volkswagen I.D. This 373-mile (estimated by European standards) vehicle is fully electric with a 125 kW motor and can charge in 30 minutes. And that’s just the start.

Highlights of the Volkswagen I.D.Volkswagen I.D. Autonomous Mode

The range and charge time are probably the most quoted highlights, as we are all expecting electric cars to be the next generation of mobility. After that? Autonomous cars. Which is why the Volkswagen I.D. is meant to have an autonomous mode, called “I.D. Pilot,” by 2025. Wait, a concept car with a future feature? Yup, Volkswagen is saying that the VW I.D. will be a real production car and will launch alongside the redesigned Golf in 2020, so presumably the 2025 date is for its second generation. The I.D. Pilot mode will have a retractable steering wheel that fits into the dash, and you activate it by pressing and holding the VW logo. Radar, ultrasound and laser sensors work together with cameras and traffic data to navigate around the city, and the model will be able to park itself. Not bad, right?

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We won’t go into detail on the design, which you can see yourself, but simply comment that it seats four, has interior space close to the Passat while staying around the size of the Golf and there are lights not only in the front and rear, but along the side body. VW imagines quite a few lighting modes for these, but we’re not sure anything so fancy would make it to production anyway. It sounds a bit distracting, to be honest.

Other things to expect? Increased connectivity with smart homes, the potential ability to have packages delivered to it when you aren’t home, a unique transmission that works with the steering wheel, and a whole lot more. Release is expected for 2020, as we said, and pricing should fall around the price of a comparable Golf. Perhaps the e-Golf, which is currently set at $28,995? This would certainly make it competitive with other long-range EV options that are currently being flaunted.

We’ll let you know more as soon as there are updates, so stay tuned here at the Findlay North Blog for all things VW.

Volkswagen I.D. MEB Platform
Volkswagen I.D. Interior
Volkswagen I.D. Paris Motor Show
Volkswagen I.D. Side Sill lights