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Front view of a white Volkswagen ID.7.

The Volkswagen ID.7 Unveiled: Watch the Introductory Video Here!

Watch the Unveiling Video of the Volkswagen ID.7

The Volkswagen ID.7 is the latest addition to Volkswagen’s rapidly growing lineup of electric vehicles (EVs). With a striking design and a slew of impressive futures, the sedan is bound to elevate your driving experience. If you’re curious about this all-new fastback sedan and want to learn more, watching the introductory video of the Volkswagen ID.7 is a great place to start. This video uploaded by the Volkswagen folks showcases the exterior and interior design of the ID.7, highlighting its sleek and futuristic look. For more information on the latest Volkswagen vehicles, you can contact the Findlay North Volkswagen dealership in Las Vegas, NV.

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2021 ID.4 front exterior

How is an electric car different from other cars?

What Makes Electric Cars Unique

Here at Findlay North VW in Las Vegas, we’re really excited to have the all-new 2021 ID.4 electric vehicle available for purchase. We get a lot of questions about it, but also about electric vehicles in general. We thought we’d answer one of the most frequently asked ones today.

How is an electric car different from other cars? Let’s take a look.

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