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Hands of a mechanic working on an engine

How To Schedule Volkswagen Mobile Services?

Step-by-Step Guide to Book Volkswagen Mobile Services  

From tire inspections, filter replacements, and fluid top-offs to oil changes, the Volkswagen Mobile Service program provides maintenance performed in the comfort of your home or other specified location. Drivers can count on professional service from Findlay North Volkswagen’s factory-trained Volkswagen-certified technicians. Continue reading this blog to learn how to schedule Volkswagen Mobile Service in Las Vegas, NV.   

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a dirty engine bay that need to be cleaned

Looking at Your Dirty Car Engine Bay? Check Out How to Clean it By Yourself!

Clean Your Car Engine Bay By Yourself  

One of the most intricate areas of the car is the engine room. Even though the engine is at the core of the car’s operation, the sophistication of the engine room may deter most individuals from cleaning it. Cleaning the engine bay is, undoubtedly, a difficult task. On the other hand, maintaining it does not have to be a chore. Findlay North Volkswagen in Las Vegas, NV, will give you an easy-to-follow guide on cleaning the engine compartment fast and effectively. Like the exterior of your car, Cleansing prevents damage and maintains a high resale value. Grease and dust in the engine bay can cause early wear in the belts and bearings and hide significant concerns like gasket leakage. A clean engine compartment helps the engine run cooler more effectively and increases the value of your vehicle.  

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a mechanic changing oil and oil filter of a car

What to Know About Changing an Oil Filter for your car?

How Often Should I Change My Oil Filter?  

Knowing how to change an oil filter is crucial if you do not want to go to an auto repair for every minor issue you have. Aside from ease, it also offers the potential to save time and money, as getting your automobile to a repair will take some work. The optimal time to replace an oil filter is affected by several parameters, but adopting essential criteria ensures that it is updated at the appropriate intervals, benefiting the wellness of your engine and car. The Findlay North Volkswagen in Las Vegas, NV, will give you insights on how to change your car’s oil filter.  

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Car Trouble son the Highway

How to Resolve the EPC Warning Light for Volkswagen Vehicles

What does a VW EPC Warning Light mean?

Car troubles are concerning even when you know what’s wrong. When you don’t know what’s wrong, it doesn’t take long for the nerves and anxiety to start kicking in. What does this light mean? Is my car safe to drive home? Another question that Volkswagen owners may find themselves asking eventually is, “What does a VW EPC warning light mean? ” We have the answer, so keep on reading and learn how to handle and resolve such a situation. Read the rest of this entry >>

What does the exclamation point warning light mean for VW?

Where can I find a list of Volkswagen warning lights?

What does the exclamation point warning light mean for VW?

Not so long ago we wrote up a post that discussed the most common reasons a Volkswagen check engine light might be triggered, but in some ways that is the most obvious warning light. Sure, it has a variety of causes, but you can be sure there’s a whole lot of reasons the light might turn on, and it’s fairly common across automakers. It’s when something illuminates the dash and you have no idea what it means that things can be a bit trickier. Whether you’re asking what does the exclamation point warning light mean for VW, or any other vague shape, we’re here to help. Read the rest of this entry >>

Causes and meaning of the VW check engine light

Why is my Volkswagen check engine light on?

Causes and meaning of the VW check engine light

In some ways the check engine light is the most obvious one to diagnose, as far as which part it’s pointing to as a problem. You see a bright exclamation point light up your dash and you aren’t likely to identify the issue just by taking a look at the symbol (there are at least three different ones, indicating problems with brakes, the automatic transmission or the tires), but at the same time a light that suggests an engine problem is easily more terrifying. As it turns out, some of the causes of the VW check engine light aren’t always as awful as the dashboard light indicates, and the meaning behind it is varied. Read the rest of this entry >>

What to do when your VW key fob fails

How do you open your car door if technology fails?

What to do if your VW key fob fails

We can’t say we’re pleased when anything goes wrong with our cars, but there’s something especially annoying about when technology goes down. Though not everyone is prepared to perform simple mechanical fixes, we know plenty of people who are mechanically-minded, so a simple oil change doesn’t faze them. It’s a different story when a power feature stops functioning, which is why it’s important to learn what to do if your VW key fob fails. Read the rest of this entry >>