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How do you pair your phone to your Volkswagen?

Friday, September 14th, 2018
2019 vw jetta

With every new vehicle, there are always plenty of features to take advantage of. One of these common features is a Bluetooth system that allows you to connect your phone to the vehicle. This feature is not only helpful for drivers to stay connected while they are on the go, it is also safe. Drivers are able to communicate with their phone through voice commands and remain hands-free so they can focus on the road. Watch the video below to learn how to pair your phone to your Volkswagen! (more…)

What does Apple CarPlay provide for you in your Volkswagen?

Thursday, August 30th, 2018
Apple CarPlay on VW screen

Does you Volkswagen vehicle have Apple CarPlay compatibility? If it does, do you know how to use it and what it can all do? This feature can be very helpful in assisting you while behind the wheel. The video posted below shows you how to access some of the possible features. Watch it below! (more…)

What is Volkswagen Car-Net and What are its Features?

Friday, July 13th, 2018
steering wheel and center console of vw car

Volkswagen wants you to be synced and connected while on the go. To achieve this, they offer VW Car-Net in the higher trims of their vehicles. This suite of connected car features is a seamless link for drivers between their Volkswagen vehicle, smartphone and computer. Drivers are able to do so much more with VW Car-Net in the 4 key areas of service that it offers.

The four areas of service include Safe and Secure, Remote Vehicle Access, Family Guardian and Diagnostics and Maintenance. Continue reading below to learn about what each feature is able to do and how VW Car-Net can help you to stay connected with your Volkswagen! (more…)