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How Will You Improve Gas Mileage of Your Vehicle?

3 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage of Your Vehicle

Improving fuel economy saves drivers money and benefits the environment by emitting fewer emissions into the atmosphere and reducing a country’s reliance on oil and oil imports. Reduced driving (via carpooling, public transportation, and combining trips) has the most significant impact on how much gas each person uses. Keep reading the blog post by Findlay North Volkswagen, Las Vegas, NV to learn more about 3 ways to improve gas mileage of your vehicle. 

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Clear Out the Extra Clutter  

Some items, such as an emergency kit, should be kept in your car. However, even a 100-pound weight loss can reduce your fuel efficiency. Clear out old backpacks, sports equipment, and extra books, and you’ll be surprised at how much stuff accumulates.  

Don’t forget about the exterior of your vehicle. Remove unnecessary accessories that increase wind resistance and reduce fuel efficiency, such as:  

  • Racks for the roof  
  • Cargo containers  
  • Racks for bicycles  

If you need to transport additional items, rear-mounted cargo boxes are better. Roof-mounted cargo boxes can reduce fuel economy by 6 to 17 percent at highway speeds, while rear-mounted cargo boxes typically have a 1 to 5 percent impact.  

Maintain a Constant Speed and Stay within the Speed Limit  

Your car loses fuel efficiency once it reaches 45-50 mph. The faster you go, the worse it becomes. When possible, drive at the speed limit and use cruise control. Rapid acceleration and hard braking consume a lot of fuel, so avoid them.  

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Perform Regular Maintenance  

Filthy air filters, spark plugs, and connections can all reduce fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will be more efficient and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions if you adhere to the maintenance schedule recommended by your dealership. Schedule regular tune-ups with your dealership to replace air filters, oil, tires, etc.

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Regularly replacing your engine oil and oil filter ensures that your car runs smoothly for as long as possible. If you live near Las Vegas or Centennial Hills and need to replace your oil filter, make an appointment at Findlay North Volkswagen.