Will there be a U.S. release date for the 2016 VW Golf R400?

Is Volkswagen going to release the Golf R400 in 2016?

Will there be a U.S. release date for the 2016 VW Golf R400?

There have been rumors milling about on the possible production of a Volkswagen Golf R400 essentially since the model was first shown nearly two years ago. Rumors gained traction, and credibility, last year as more and more sources suggested it was going into production. Many said it could happen this year. Now we’re asking the question: Will there be a U.S. release date for the 2016 VW Golf R400?

What is the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R400?

For those who didn’t hear about this model, it’s the sportiest design we’ve seen for the Golf lineup and it gains its name through the concept that it will have 400 PS, the German power rating. This translates to 395hp, but another key rumor was that it was being boosted to 415hp for production. The concept model had 331 pound-feet of torque, standard 4Motion AWD and an estimated zero to 60 time of 3.9 seconds. It was also paired with a DSG six-speed automatic, but seeing how the manual was brought back for the 2016 VW Golf R, it’s entirely possible a production version would have more options.

Styling for the Golf R400 is based on the 1988 Rallye Golf G60, although it’s clear the modern take is much sleeker and less boxy. The interior looked every bit the plushy, sporty Golf you’d expect, with Lemon Yellow contrast accents against black. The seats are Alcantara and carbon leather with cross-quilted panels to create a sporty look and durable feel.

Golf R400 Side
Golf R400 Interior
Golf R400 Hatchback

Will Volkswagen still be releasing the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R400 this year?

The quick answer to this question: we’re not sure. The issue seems to be hotly contested for a few reasons. Right now we’ve heard it could be released for 2016, 2017 or 2018. This isn’t exactly reassuring for customers who are waiting impatiently for the model, though having read it could be priced anywhere from $45,000 to a jaw-dropping $63,000, you might need the time to save up. It was last April that we read reports that the model would definitely be going into production, though this doesn’t necessarily mean it would hit the U.S. market. First rumors said it would come out early this year, but as the time passes it seems clear it would more likely be released along with a facelifted Golf for the 2018 model year, if it does still go into production at all.

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There are a few reasons why it might not go into production, but the main one has to do with restructuring at Volkswagen. It was recently reported by Car and Driver that former R&D Chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser was one of the main driving forces behind its production, but he no longer works for the company. This leaves us with the question of whether Volkswagen has put too much effort into developing the car to turn around and drop it now, or if production of a model that potentially wouldn’t sell would be too costly for the automaker.

There’s no official word from Volkswagen at this point, but you can expect we’ll be updating on this topic here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog should any news pop up, so stay tuned.

Golf R400 Engine
Golf R400 Alcantara Seating

Golf R400 Front