Pokemon Go PokeStop Map Las Vegas NV

Best places to go in Las Vegas for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go PokeStop Map Las Vegas NV

Pokemon Go is clearly a craze that’s been hitting the nation pretty hard, which seems to be a positive thing for those who are playing respectfully. We’ve probably all heard some horror stories by now about trespassing issues or those who are simply not staying aware, but as long as you’re staying safe and keeping things legal, why not have fun? We’ve already found this great Pokemon Go PokeStop Map for the Las Vegas NV area, but we have other tips for those playing the game as well.

Google Map of Las Vegas Pokemon Go Spawns

Some might say part of the fun of playing is walking around and discovering Pokemon as you go, but it can be frustrating if all you’re finding is Jigglypuff and Drowzee over and over. The below map was generated by real players and represents locations that have already been discovered in Las Vegas. Here you can see where you can find local gyms, Pokestops and consistent spawn locations.

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Why play Pokemon Go in Las Vegas?

With so much to do in Las Vegas, we’re certain some are wondering why this city is a great place to play. Really, anywhere the game is available seems to be a great place, and why not? Las Vegas NV is among the top cities for PokeStops, so you know you won’t be left without options. Here are just a few more tips on hunting Pokemon in the area.


You know to go to Yelp when it comes to reviews or finding local businesses, but now you can also visit here and use the “PokeStop Nearby” filter to actually find participating businesses and catch a bite to each after you get a bit puckish in your attempt to “catch ‘em all.”

Join a Facebook Group

This is just one Facebook group we found dedicated to Pokemon Go, but it’s a great one if you are looking for events with other players, or tips from other players. As of this writing, there are more than 15,000 members of the group, so if you have questions, someone is bound to have an answer.

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If you do your research, you can also find some great deals offered to Pokemon Go players. If you find any, we’d love for you to share them with a comment below. Otherwise be sure to check back here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog for more local events.