Transparent Beetle VAG Fair

That’s One Incognito Beetle

Here in Las Vegas, NV, we’re inclined to believe we’ve seen it all. After all, we live in America’s hands down most spectacle-like, three-ring circus inspired, global tourism mecca. Simply put, it take a lot to shock us. So here at Findlay North Volkswagen, when we come across something that’s truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before–well then, we just have to share it with our blog readers.

Recently the official Twitter account of our beloved German automotive brand, @Volkswagen tweeted the following interpretation of the ubiquitous Volkswagen Beetle, on display at last week’s VAG Fair in York, Pennsylvania.

The Beetle has always been a little bit of a rebel, making statements where others compromise; but we’ve never seen the Beetle quite like this before!

To check out some other awesome Volkswagen models that were on display at last week’s show, take a look at #VagFair on Twitter.