Top 5 Car Apps for Android and iPhones

Stay connected on the go with these smart car apps

Top 5 Car Apps for Android and iPhones

Nobody ought to play Candy Crush or Pokemon Go behind the wheel, but there are plenty of savvy apps that can help you stay connected and in tune with your driving experience. From navigation to repair, these are the Top 5 Car Apps for Android and iPhones. You’ll notice we list multiple apps, as we really categorized them by a sort of “type,” with apps that are available in iTunes often not being equally available in the Play Store.

What are the best car-related apps?

Though we have these apps numbered, it’s really based more on popularity and our intuitive thought process behind which ones are most necessary. As we said, we categorized them, so each number is based on what the apps do. There’s no use in listing five music/podcast apps, for example, when the real idea behind them is that they provide that particular service, regardless of your preference. With that said, these are our favorite five things you can use on your phone or infotainment system to make the driving experience easier.

  1. Navigation: This is obvious, but apps like Google and Apple maps have made it virtually unnecessary to buy a separate VW Car-Net App-Connectnavigation system. If you get a new model, 2016 up, you may even have Car-Net App-Connect, so the navigation systems run through your touchscreen. There are other apps like Waze that also allow you to see road obstacles and traffic in real time, as users can upload information as they drive.
  2. Pandora/iHeartRadio/Spotify/Stitcher: OK, you get it, there are so many great apps available to make your road trip or commute more entertaining. All of these selections work with App-Connect, too, so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road to select your favorite music or podcast. Nifty!
  3. iOnRoad/Augmented Driving: Driver assistance features are becoming more abundant, but maybe you aren’t ready to upgrade your car. These apps are great options if you have a mount for your phone as you can use the camera to provide a sort of forward collision warning. We won’t say they are quite as accurate as automotive systems, but it’s a nice compromise.
  4. Gas Buddy: Prices are notoriously horrible here in LA county, so you want to get the best deal you can find when it’s time to fill up. This app helps by showing the cheapest prices in the area, complete with address so you don’t have to waste time cruising around looking.
  5. Torque Pro/Dash: One of the most frustrating experiences is when a warning light pops up in your dash and you don’t know what it means. A check engine light can mean so many different things, and some are more serious than others. You’ll need a OBD connector to get full use of these apps, but basically they allow your phone to work as an on-board diagnosis tool.

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Do you have a favorite car app you don’t see listed here? Feel free to share by leaving a comment below. Also stay tuned here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog for more car and VW tips.