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Top 6 Most Common Causes for Car Accidents

It’s no secret that driving a motor vehicle can be dangerous. But we figure, if you know common trends that cause car accidents then you will know what to look out for in hopes of being safer on the road.

Automakers have largely improved the safety of vehicles today, but with so many people driving, our accident numbers in the US have still not been declining. It is important for drivers to control what they can when it comes to driving to make the roads a safer place for all drivers.

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What are the Most Common Causes of Automobile Accidents?

  • Distracted Driving – Distracted drivers have been the leading cause of car accidents for years. Drivers get distracted by being on their phone, eating, reading and many more things. The list of distractions is endless. If you find that something needs to be done right away, pull off the road first before trying to do it while driving.  
  • Drunk Driving – When alcohol is involved, drivers lose their ability to function properly. It is best to find a sober ride if you plan to drink at all. This will help keep you and the people around you out of danger.  
  • Weather – Rain and ice are common causes of car wrecks because it causes the roads to become slippery which makes it harder for drivers to control their vehicles. If the weather is bad, take things slow or try to stay off the road until it clears up.      
  • Speeding – Drivers are constantly going above the speed limit. When cars are speeding, it gives them less time to react to what is happening around them. Mind the speed limit, they are there for a reason.  
  • Running Red Lights/Stop signs – We have been taught since we were young that red means stop, but every day people continue to run red lights and stop signs. If you come to a complete stop, be sure to look both ways before proceeding to protect yourself from someone who may not stop for a red light.  
  • Reckless Driving – Drivers who have road rage, tailgate, speed or are not cautious when behind the wheel are often responsible for the reckless driving accidents. It is important to take precaution when getting behind the wheel of a car, so you are not putting others in danger.  
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