2017 Concept Truck of the Year Award Recognizes the Potential of the VW I.D. Buzz

By Product Expert | Posted in Awards, Concept Models on Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 4:42 pm
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Volkswagen concept vehicles have earned awards for two consecutive years

Every year, car manufacturers from all over the world try to design some of the most influential cars the automotive industry has ever seen. To be recognized at all is certainly an accomplishment, but two years in a row? That’s just downright impressive. When the 16th Annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards recognized the VW I.D. Buzz, it meant that Volkswagen concept vehicles have earned awards for two consecutive years.

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Why Did the VW I.D. Buzz Get Named the 2017 Concept Truck of the Year?

Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that the I.D. Buzz is a premier example of how a larger vehicle can be fueled by electric energy almost as well as sedans and smaller cars. Or maybe it’s the ability to travel up to 270 miles per charge. Maybe the panel of judges liked how the batteries and drive system are stored in the floor of the vehicle, which opens up a large amount of room for passengers to spread out and get comfortable.

Then again, the maximum cargo capacity of 162.5 cubic feet could have something to do with it. Plus, the futuristic steering wheel is able to sense the driver’s intentions, the headlights and exterior lighting can communicate with pedestrians as programmed in its I.D. Pilot autonomous driving mode, and the ambient lighting inside and out gives the I.D. Buzz a very distinctive look.

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Now that you understand how Volkswagen concept vehicles have earned awards for two consecutive years, what’s next? We suggest picking a car from our inventory, scheduling a test drive, and meeting with our financing team for any questions you may have.

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