VW e-Golf Touch concept radio system

Will the Volkswagen e-Golf Touch infotainment be easier to use?

VW e-Golf Touch concept radio system

It will always be true that some people like change more than others, but infotainment systems have to be among the most complained about advancements. It’s not because people don’t like better connectivity or options, but because we want them to work exactly like our smartphones. Features like App-Connect help, but they’re new and always have room for improvement. Well, it appears the improvement is coming sooner than we might have thought with the VW e-Golf Touch concept radio system appearing to be the latest and greatest when it comes to infotainment.

Changes for the MIB e-Golf Touch infotainment systemVW e-Golf Touch concept gesture control

The MIB II infotainment system only just came out for the 2016 model year, and already we’re talking about changes. We’re hoping as early as next year, but the only official word is that things like the next generation voice activation features will come out for European models this summer. The Golf R Touch was presented at CES in 2015, and it was rumored that it would go into production back then. The e-Golf Touch is much closer to reality as VW has dubbed it the first compact car to have gesture control in mass production.

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We like the improved system because it appears to be cleaner than the Golf R Touch, with the gesture controls used for simple things like swiping between pictures or changing to the next song on a playlist. This makes sense to us as less of a gimmick because it simply allows you to wave your hand and keep your eyes on the road. Easy! The 9.2-inch clear glass display is still a touchscreen, and features one large main area and two smaller tiles that can be set to any of 10 functions, including voice and music. Switching the tiles to a different configuration is also very easy, as you simply press to hold and it lists the other options. This simplifies the infotainment system so you don’t find yourself scrolling through menus. Watch the video below for a better understanding of how this all operates.

e-Golf Touch brings better personalization

We don’t know how many drivers you have sharing a single car, or if you find yourself sitting behind a rental often, but Personalization 2.0 is certainly a feature which interests some motorists. Basically, it keeps all your infotainment system in the Car-Net cloud, which you can then access and download to any vehicle that will be equipped with the new system. When it comes to keeping things intuitive, this is just another step in the right direction.

One of our favorite features is a clever idea we wish we had thought of: voice amplification. Anyone who has a chatty rear passenger will appreciate this, as it has be difficult to shout over your shoulder while driving. Basically, you use the hands-free phone feature to project your voice through the rear speakers, allowing for easy replies to conversation, or to let the kids know you really do have eyes in the back of your head (and a rear view mirror).

While concept cars are fun to talk about, the features in the e-Golf Touch are all expected to go into production at some point in the future. When we get news on a more precise time period, we’ll be updating here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog, so check back here for more.