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What are the Best Sports Bars in North Las Vegas?

Sports bars are always popular year-round, but things tend to heat up whenever football season rolls around. This year, we’ve been hearing a lot of people ask the same question – what are the best sports bars in North Las Vegas? We’ve got a few favorites, so we thought we’d share them! Keep on reading to learn all about them!

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Steiner’s Pub

One of the best bars in the area, Steiner’s Pub has more than 70 beers on hand, plus a menu full of delicious meals! In addition to the great food and drinks, the service is also known for being exceptionally welcoming and helpful.

Bacon Bar

As if the name itself isn’t already mouthwatering, Bacon Bar is fully-equipped with a menu full of delicious meaty treats. On top of that, Bacon Bar is also home to an assortment of bacon-infused drinks, bar games, and much more!

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Four Kegs

Sports on the TVs, cold beer on tap, and tasty food straight out of the kitchen. What more could you want? Four Kegs will give you all of these things, plus a friendly that truly highlights this neighborhood bar, making it feel like a second home.

Time-Out Sports Bar & Grill

Exactly what you imagine when you hear “sports bar,” Time-Out has been a local hotspot for years. With outstanding service, 18 flat-screen TVs, and an awesome array of food and drinks, Time-Out is perfect for watching any game.

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We hope this has answered your question – what are the best sports bars in North Las Vegas? Need a new car before the end of the season? Check out our inventory! We’re always happy to go for a test drive! Our financing team would be happy to answer any financial questions you might have, too.

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