2023 Volkswagen Arteon

Learn about the Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE technology

What does VW IQ.DRIVE do? 

No matter how focused and careful you are on the road, a sudden obstacle or a vehicle you can’t see in the mirror could lead to an uncomfortable situation on the road. To avoid situations like this, Volkswagen introduced IQ.DRIVE to its vehicles. IQ.DRIVE is a driver assistance technology to keep you one step ahead on the highway.  

Standard on the 2022 Volkswagen Arteon & ID.4 EV and available on most 2022 models, IQ.DRIVE provides innovative safety systems for enhanced convenience and peace of mind. What does Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE do? It monitors the road and alerts you of sudden obstacles, vehicles, or pedestrians. Keep reading to learn more about Volkswagen IQ.DRIVE from our team at Findlay North Volkswagen in Las Vegas, NV. 

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What safety systems are included in VW IQ.DRIVE? 

Lane Assist 

If you’re driving over 37 mph, Lane Assist helps you stay in your lane by detecting the lane markings on the road. 

Front Assist 

Front Assist monitors the traffic and alerts you with audio and visual alerts of a potential rear-end collision with the preceding vehicle. If it detects no reaction from the driver, it automatically brakes the vehicle. 

Adaptive Cruise Control 

Adaptive Cruise Control helps you maintain a preset speed and distance from the car moving ahead. When activated, it can speed up or slow down your vehicle by detecting the speed changes in the car you’re following. 

Active Blind Spot Monitor 

Active Blind Spot Monitor alerts you if there’s a car or any other obstacle in your blind spot. 

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Rear Traffic Alert 

Rear Traffic Alert cautions you if it detects a vehicle crossing your path while you back up. 

Emergency Assist 

Emergency Assist monitors the steering wheel activity to determine whether a driver is operating the car or not. If not, it brings the vehicle to a controlled stop. 

Travel Assist 

Travel Assist is a semi-autonomous driving assistant to help you with steering, acceleration, and braking within your lane while your hands are on the steering wheel. 

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