What to do when your VW key fob fails

How do you open your car door if technology fails?

What to do if your VW key fob fails

We can’t say we’re pleased when anything goes wrong with our cars, but there’s something especially annoying about when technology goes down. Though not everyone is prepared to perform simple mechanical fixes, we know plenty of people who are mechanically-minded, so a simple oil change doesn’t faze them. It’s a different story when a power feature stops functioning, which is why it’s important to learn what to do if your VW key fob fails.

You can still enter your Volkswagen without the key fob

Keyless entry is all well and good and good until the little light blinks red and you’re stuck with a dead battery when you really need in your car. We know a dead battery isn’t the end of the world, but sometimes luck isn’t on your side and it happens when you’re away from home. With keyless access, you’ve probably noticed there’s no keyhole, but in fact the hole is capped. If you look underneath the cap, there’s a place where you can wedge in your key and simply pop it off. If you have a model that has push-button start, you’ll see there’s actually a temporary key in your key fob, as shown in the below video.

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If your key fob has completely drained it’s simple to change the battery, but if the light is still flashing it still needs to be reset. This can only be done with your master key, but is fast and simple to do:

  1. Press and hold either the lock or unlock button for one second. The vehicle should remain locked.
  2. Using the master key, unlock and relock your Volkswagen.
  3. Your key fob should reset itself.

Of course if the key fob is broken, you may need a new one. Fortunately we can get you setup at our service center with a new key programmed for your VW.

When your key fob dies, it can be inconvenient, but fortunately it’s an easy fix that won’t leave you stranded. We hope this tip was helpful, and we’ll be writing more posts like this one here at the Findlay North Volkswagen Blog, so stay tuned!