Which 2016 VW models have the dual-clutch transmission

Why should you consider the VW DSG Transmission?

Which 2016 VW models have the dual-clutch transmission?

There are a variety of options when it comes to basically anything in new vehicles. This is especially true if you’re comparing cars from a variety of different automakers, and just figuring out the names of each feature and what it really means can be a bit confusing. Even your mechanical aspects aren’t as clear as they used to be. If you’ve been researching your transmission options and are curious about the DSG, but not sure which 2016 VW models have the dual-clutch transmission, we discuss your options and how you go about driving with it.

Volkswagen models thatVolkswagen DSG transmission have an available DSG transmission

Before you figure out how to drive with a DSG transmission, you have to choose a model. While most of the vehicles that have the DSG available come standard with a manual transmission, those who prefer not to drop the clutch will like the upgrade. The way the DSG works is it has two automatic gearboxes instead of just one. This way it shifts gears quickly, with one gearbox responsible for odd gears and the other responsible for even gears. Most of our DSG transmissions are six-speed automatics, but there is one seven speed. You’ll find the following options will allow you to feel for yourself what a DSG is like:

  • 2016 VW Jetta Hybrid
  • 2016 VW Jetta GLI
  • 2016 VW Passat V6 trims
  • All 4-cylinder 2016VW CC options
  • 2016 VW Beetle R-Line trims
  • 2016 VW Golf GTI
  • 2016 VW Eos
  • 2016 VW Golf R

If you’re more of a visual person, you may also want to watch the VW YouTube video for a diagram showing how the mechanics of the DSG work.

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How to drive with a Volkswagen DSG transmission

It’s an automatic transmission, so it should be easy and intuitive to use if you already know how to drive, right? Well, yes, strictly speaking, but if you want to get the most out of you’ll want to experiment with the various driving mode the VW DSG offers. Obviously, you can enjoy simply putting the vehicle in drive and going, but Sport mode can be activated by pulling the shift lever back once to stay in gear longer. Shifting it down and back will simply put it back into standard driving mode.

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For more control over the transmission, you can activate the Tiptronic driving mode to get an automated-manual feel. Triggering this mode is as simple as moving the shifter the right, then pushing it forward or back to shift up or down. Left and right paddle shifters on the steering wheel can also be used to shift gears, and your current gear will be shown in the instrument cluster. If you fail to shift, there is a safety feature built in that controls the top speed for any gear, and failing to shift manually will trigger an automatic shift to prevent any damage.

If you’ve been debating whether to try the DSG found in select VW models, we hope this post helps. Be sure to check back here at the Findlay North Volkswagen blog for more updates on VW models and features.