Volkswagen Model Research

Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle is the beloved Volkswagen icon that turns heads wherever it goes. The Beetle maintains its classic design, but is outfitted with modern features, high-tech gadgets, and a turbocharged engine.  

2019 Beetle
2019 Beetle Trim Levels
2018 Beetle
2018 Beetle Trim Levels
2018 Beetle vs 2018 Honda Civic
2017 Beetle

Volkswagen Jetta

The Jetta is a popular compact crossover that is both affordable and dependable. The Jetta offers a comfortable, stylish cabin with a host of modern amenities and advanced technologies.

2019 Jetta
2019 Jetta vs 2019 Honda Accord
2019 Jetta vs 2019 Nissan Sentra

2019 Jetta vs 2019 Toyota Corolla

2019 vs 2018 Jetta

2019 Jetta Trim Levels

2018 Jetta

2018 Jetta Trim Levels

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is the Volkswagen family sedan that offers an upscale cabin with class-leading legroom. The Passat offers premium amenities, advanced technology, and smart safety systems.

2019 Passat
2019 Passat vs 2019 Ford Fusion
2018 Passat
2018 Passat Trim Levels

2018 Passat vs 2018 Honda Accord

2018 Passat vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

2018 Passat vs 2018 Ford Fusion

2018 Passat vs 2018 Toyota Camry

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is the original hatch of the Volkswagen Golf family. Reliable, affordable, and versatile, the Golf is packed with plenty of modern features and high-tech gadgets, and offers a cargo area worth bragging about.

2019 Golf
2018 Golf
2017 Golf

2017 Golf vs GTI


Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Golf GTI is the hot hatch of the Volkswagen Golf family. The GTI offers everything great about the original Golf, but adds upgrades in performance and styling for a sportier, turbocharged drive.

2019 Golf GTI
2019 Golf GTI Trim Levels
2019 Golf GTI vs 2019 Subaru WRX
2018 Golf GTI
2018 Golf GTI vs 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback
2017 Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf R is the performance hatch of the Volkswagen Golf family. The Golf R offers the most dynamic powertrain of the Golf family, and adds a host of advance,d performance-focused features as well.

2017 Golf R

Volkswagen CC

Who said you can't be both sporty and sophisticated? Certainly not Volkswagen. The CC is the kind of car you can feel excited about driving, as it offers a fun ride with plenty of amenities to enjoy.

2017 CC

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

It’s well-known the Golf has plenty of cargo space, but active families demand even more. The Golf Sportwagen brings back the popularity of station wagons as the ultimate family vehicle, giving plenty of interior volume without sacrificing on grocery space.

2018 Golf SportWagen
2017 Golf SportWagen

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Take the foundation laid by the Golf SportWagen and crank up the rugged style and off-road capability, and you get the Golf Alltrack. This stylish and sporty wagon can take you just about anywhere.

2018 Golf Alltrack
2018 Golf Alltrack vs 2018 Subaru Crosstreck
2017 Golf Alltrack
2017 Golf Alltrack vs GTI

Volkswagen Tiguan

A stylish model should have just as many features on the inside, as its exterior style might indicate. The Tiguan delivers big when it comes to both looks and features, with the latest in technology, a comfortable and roomy interior and available AWD.

2019 Tiguan
2018 Tiguan
2018 Tiguan Trim Levels

2018 Tiguan vs 2018 Ford Escape

2018 Tiguan vs 2018 Chevy Trax

2017 vs 2018 Tiguan

Volkswagen Touareg

Drivers love riding high in an SUV, but sometimes the thrills amount to more than just excellent capabilities. The Touareg delivers everything shoppers want from a practical vehicle, while being outfitted with the best in luxury and premium materials.

2017 Touareg

Volkswagen Atlas

Large families need large vehicles to accommodate their various journeys. Enter the Atlas, the three-row SUV that offers the kind of power and versatility you need to explore the world.

2019 Atlas
2019 Atlas Trim Levels
2019 Atlas vs 2019 Ford Explorer
2018 Atlas
2018 Atlas Trim Levels
2018 Atlas vs Tiguan
2018 VW Atlas vs 2017 Honda Pilot